Underground Music Cafe - 9/13

Minneapolis, Minnesota - On the evening of September 13th, the Underground Music Cafe in Minneapolis was treated to an intimate yet energetic performance by Crowfather, MPLS Drew and Yare, with DJ Hayes keeping the beats going.

It was evident that those who did attend were genuinely committed to the music and the artists on stage.

Crowfather was in the zone. MPLS Drew and Yare, the supporting acts for the night, also left their mark on the audience, demonstrating the depth and diversity of talent within the local hip-hop community.

A crucial element of any successful live music event is a DJ, and DJ Hayes did not disappoint, creating a seamless flow of music throughout the night.

The Underground Music Cafe is a hub of creativity and expression reminiscent of “Honey” , a popular nightclub that closed due to the pandemic and other reasons.

Events like this are vital. They provide artists with a platform to showcase their skills and connect with community. 

Keep an eye out for the next event at the Underground Music Cafe and other venues around Minneapolis.