Minneapolis - Twin Cities Creatives Gather For an "Industry Night"

Full Story By Nathan Ejuwa -  Nov 7 2023

Artists gathering at the "Red Light House" for a night of networking. Hosted by DJ Low ( Holding Microphone)

On Monday evening - a group of artists came together in NE Minneapolis at the "Red Light House'' for a night of networking, performances and refreshments. Dubbed the "Industry night" by host DJ Low of “Gold Culture Entertainment” the event certainly lived up to its name. 

The main event of the night was a panel including Minneapolis artists Chance York and Obi Original. The Two answered questions from the host and took audience questions as well afterwards (available on youtube). Topics discussed included how to organize a tour, finance / budgeting help and even personal artistry tips, including specific suggestions from the panelists. 

Chance discussed his past work in the cities including playing with his band “The Crunchy Kids”, old creative spaces such as the “Dinkytowner' ' and he spoke on his current yoga teaching partnership with the well known yoga brand LuluLemon.   

Obi Original shared stories about touring with Libianca and Alicia Keys, detailing the highlights of the opportunity and discussing the hard work it takes to maintain as a full time musician on the road. 

"I remember the drive she (Libianca) had, I remember the ups and downs we had"

He also talked about the Minneapolis scene / community and how working other jobs helps to keep himself “grounded” in reality. 

Chance York also performed some music to close the night out. Artists were able to network with each other and make new connections. Looking around you could see people engaged in conversation, hanging out and handing out business cards / generally enjoying each other's company. 

Vendors at the event included Natureum - which is a first of its kind “flower bar” in the Twin Cities. They had edibles, hemp oils, beverages and other refreshments for the audience. Frosted Lakes - another local brand was also present selling merch, handing out business cards and making new connections. The Red Light house, which hosted the event, provided a nice experience for all those involved maintaining a professional environment.

The main takeaway from the night is the power of community. Building grassroots events leads to big outcomes. DJ Low is hosting the next "Industry night" in December.