Minneapolis - Models, Designers, Media Come Together for Cannabis Infused Fashion Event

Full story by Nathan Ejuwa 11/11/2023  

Shot of a model walking at the "Smokin on the Runway" fashion event

On Saturday evening a fashion show took place in Minneapolis, MN at the Luminare event center hosted by “Smokin on the Runway”. While there was no actual smoking done inside the event, there were several cannabis and cannabis based product vendors present. The fashion show consisted of several different designers with a variety of looks and styles for the event. 

All of the models walked wearing different fits for the audience, media, and guests. The event was well covered and there were buyers present in the audience as well. One representative from Fashion Week MN was watching the fashion show as well as browsing the vendors selections... “Right now I have Gelato”, she said, and “sativa.. more creativity!” - Sarah Fashion Week MN

Merchants were at their tables showing products and giving out samples of edibles, THC infused drinks and other cannabis products. If you got hungry, you could grab a fresh hand tossed pizza from PizzaLLCMN right outside on the patio, where people were taking a break and cooling off or getting some fresh air. The event was well attended with visibly over 150 people in attendance, not including the models and staff which made the event possible. 

Kara, one of the organizers of the event said  “A really generous donation came through from Jeremy Sutherland from Crooked to help us hook up the models and the VIP bags”.  It’s encouraging to see the community come together to make events like this happen.